International Molinology (IM), Journal of The International Molinological Society (TIMS), is published twice a year.

The TIMS-editor welcomes articles on all aspects of molinology, as well as related news items, reports, announcements, questions, comments, photos and book reviews. Our editor is Graham Hackney, 5 Hop Row, Haddenham, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB6 3SR, United Kingdom, Tel: +44 1353 740468, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


-    Before completely developing an article or item for publication in IM, authors should contact the editor to discuss suitability and format.

-    Publications in IM should reflect a good academic standard.
-    Preferably, articles should be original articles based on original research. Material that has been previously published or currently under consideration by any other publisher, may be accepted.
-    Wherever possible, selected photographs, drawings and tables should be included to enhance the associated text and aid in its understanding. The illustrations must be of good publishable quality.
-    It is the responsibility of the author that submitted articles, reports and book reviews be well researched, accurate, informative and accessible.
-    Whenever approval of third parties for using information is applicable, the author should ensure such permission has been granted.
-    If deemed necessary by providers of information, their consent should be properly mentioned.

House style:
-    Contributions are only published in English, the official language of TIMS. The editor and fellow members of TIMS will always assist with translation wherever possible.
-    Units should all be in metric/S.I. unless there is a requirement to maintain historical integrity.
-    Title page should contain the title, sub-title (if any), and the author's full name. Also postal and e-mail address should be provided at the end of the article.
-    Tables & Illustrations should both be numbered in Arabic numerals. Tables require a heading and illustrations a caption.
-    References should be placed at the end of the article, and identified in the text by Arabic numerals in square brackets or in superscript. The information supplied in a reference should be: => for an article, provide the author(s) name(s), article title, publication title, volume (& part) number, publication date, and page numbers in the publication; => for a book, provide the author(s) name(s), book title, and publication date (optionally, also the page numbers). If the author wishes references to be in their home language they must also supply an English translation, and both will then be published.
Book Reviews
-    Book reviews should provide the complete bibliographical data, i.e. title, sub-title (if any), translation of the title in English (if a non-English publication), author(s), format (size), number of pages, number of illustrations, and ISBN. Also a picture of the front cover should be provided. At the end of the review include the postal and/or email address for orders and the selling price.
Other items to be published
-    Apply the standards mentioned above, when applicable.

Delivery of contributions to the editor:
-    It would be greatly appreciated if authors would send contributions by email or on a CD.
-    Do not embed any illustrations or tables in a word processing file, especially in MS Word files.
-    The preferable placement of the illustrations and tables can be indicated in the text file.
-    Illustrations should be sent separately by email or, if there are a number, by ‘Dropbox’ ( or ‘WeTransfer’ (
-    Illustrations will ideally be supplied as a colour digital image either from a digital camera or from a scanner. Digital photographs should be the maximum image size of the camera and use the ‘best’ or ‘fine’ quality settings.
-    Scans should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi and should be provided as a .jpg file with the lowest available degree of compression.
-    Scans or photographs in .jpg files of less than 1 Mb are unlikely to reproduce well.

Material for publication in International Molinology should ideally reach the editor 6 months prior to the publication date, but no later than 2 months prior i.e. 1st April and 1st October. The decision on whether and when to publish will be the editors.

Download these Guidelines as pdf file

In the series "Bibliotheca Molinologica" (BM) extended monographs are published. Member receive a free copy of each new BM.

BM Logo with border

 ->  Issued every 2-3 years

 ->  So far 26 titles



The following titles have been issued so far:

BM1 - The Tjasker Windmill (L.H. Blom)

BM2 - Windmills and Watermills in Iceland (A.J. Beenhakker)

BM3 - The Windmills of John Wallis Titt (J.K. Major)

BM3a - The Hungarian Mill (S. Takats)

BM3b - The Mills of Suriname (A.J. Marrenga-Stapff)

BM4 - Waterpower on the Farm (reprint of old catalogue)

BM5 - Robert Stone, Miller of Pangbourne (J.K. Major)

BM6 - Stability in Windmills and the Sunk Post Mill (P.S. Jarvis)

BM7 - Windmills of the Aegean Sea (E. Limona-Trebela)

BM8 - The Eolienne Bollée (A. Gaucheron & J.K. Major)

BM8a - Essington Post Mill (J.S.P. Buckland)

BM9 - Buckwheat handmills in Brittany (A. Gaucheron)

BM10 - Persian Windmills (M. Harverson)

BM11 - French Millstones (O. Ward)

BM12 - The Horizontal Watermill (B. Moog)

BM13 - Index Papers T I M S (F. Woons)

BM14 - The Windmills of the Greek Islands (L.H. Blom)

BM15 - The Hungarian Windmill (K. Lambrecht)

BM16 - Windmill technology in Flanders in the 14th and 15th centuries. Part 1: The external structures of early post and tower mills (Y. Coutant)

BM17 - The Mills of Bélidor (translated by O. Ward and G. Watkins)

BM18 - A Guide to United States Patents for Windmills and Wind Engines 1793-1950 (compiled by T. Lindsay Baker)

BM19 - Boat Mills in Europe (D. Gräf)

BM20 - Ganzel and Wulff - The Quest for American Milling Secrets (D. Ogden and G. Bost)

BM21 - Windmill technology in Flanders in the 14th and 15th centuries. Part 2: The moving parts of early post and tower mills (Y. Coutant)

BM22 - Pine Creek Grist Mill, Its History, Description and Restoration (D. Metz)

BM23 - Greek Mills - From the Middle Byzantine Period to the 20th Century (TIMS Greece)

BM24 - Watermills within the eastern part of the Carpathian Basin (Dániel Gábor Ozsváth)





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