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Basic information

The TIMS Midterm Tour is organised by Rositsa Bineva and Dimitar "Mitko" Balabanov .

The dates for the two tours are as follows:

  • Tour 1:  Arrival 23 September - Tour 24-30 September - Departure 1 October
  • Tour 2:  Arrival 9 October - Tour 10-16 October - Departure 17 October


Detailed information on the tour

The following downloadable files give you the complete details and necessary information of the tour:


Recommendations / requests / additional information for the participants

Your flight information

We would like to receive your times of arrival at Sofia airport asap in order to organise, if possible, an airport transfer to the hotel in case there are several TIMS members arriving at approx. the same time (within 90 minutes). This is only valid for those arriving on 23 September (tour 1) and on 9 October (tour 2). If we do not have your input we assume you arrange the transfer to the hotel yourself.

Please send this data no later than 15 September.


Your insurance & emergency data

We would like to have the number of your travel insurance (health insurance) policy and the name and phone number for the person to contact in case of emergency.

Please send this data no later than 15 September.


How to get to the Akord Hotel?

The easiest way is by taxi. Do use a taxi from the OK Taxi company, as they are the reliable ones.  The taxi will cost you about 20 Euro/Dollar (in local currency: about 40 BGN).

You can also use the underground train. A ticket costs 1.60 BGN (80 cents).
From the airport you need to take Line 4 (the yellow line) to Orlov most. At Orlov most you need to change to Line 3 (the green line) and get to Hadji Dimiter.
The names of the stops are written also in English, so you will be able to find your way. You will also hear the names of the stops in English while travelling.
When you get off at Hadji Dimiter you will have to walk for about 400 m in order to get to the hotel.
Then you have to cross the boulevard and go to the right. The hotel will be on your left.

Akord Hotel

Our Hotel

You are expected in the Akord Hotel, Just state that you are a TIMS member when you check in.

A map of how to get to the hotel as well as additional information can be seen here.


Payment of the additional night(s)

When you stay one more more nights extra in the Akord Hotel, you will have to pay for this to Mitko (full name: Dimitar Balabanov), who is together with Rositsa our tour leader.

One additional night costs (we have a discount rate) 63 BGN for a single room and 90 BGN for a double room.


Local currency

The Bulgarian Lev (BGN) is the local currency, which is approx. 0,50 Euro/USD, so 1 Euro/USD is approx. 2 BGN.
At the airport you could exchange money if you would like to pay a taxi to the hotel in the local currency, but taxi drivers would not mind taking Euros and/or Dollars.


The above information plus some additional details can be downloaded here.



Q1. At what time should I arrive in Sofia?

A1. It is planned that we all meet at 19:00 hours in the lobby of the hotel and from there we walk to the restaurant.


Q2. When will the bus arrive at the airport (Sofia) on the last day?

A2. The bus will leave at 7 o'clock and arrive 11 o'clock at the airport. In case you need to be there earlier or later, you will have to use a taxi.


Q3. We would like to arrive 1-2 days earlier in Sofia. Can the organizers book the additiona night(s), or do we have to book by ourselves?

A3. The organizers can book additional night(s) in the hotel.


Map of the Tour

Bulgaria Midterm 2

A larger map can be downloaded here.


Day 1 - Arrival and overnight in Sofia                                                        

Day 2 - Sofia, Kalofer, overnight in Plovdiv

Day 3 - Plovdiv, Egrek, overnight in Zlatograd                              

Day 4 - Zlatograd, Shumnatitsa, overnight in Stara Zagora - Neolithic dwellings with hand mills and furnaces

Day 5 - Stara  Zagora, Kazanlak, overnight in Gabrovo                     

Day 6 - Etar Museum, overnight in Gabrovo

Day 7 - Etar Museum, Voneshta Voda - picnic, Yalovo - wine tasting          

Day 8 - Etar Museum, Potoka village

Day 9 - Departure