Articles in IM88 - June 2014

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Summary of the main articles in IM 88 which was published in June 2014

First details on the 15th TIMS Symposium in Sibiu
Florin Streza, Chairman of the Symposium, provides you all information known at this point of time, and a call for papers is issued.  In this overview one can find information on the venue of the Symposium, the city of Sibiu, and details on the accommondation options and the respective Symposium fees, and last but not least the pre- and post-tours.  

Report on the TIMS Mid-term Tour of Greece, 2013
This mill tour started when approximately 50 TIMS members gathered in Piraeus for dinner on 5th October last. The first section of the tour was to the Peloponnese region looking at windmills, horizontal watermills and the water power museum at Dimitsana. Returning over the Corinth Canal the next stage of the tour was by ferry to spend three nights on the island of Andros where the delights of horizontal windmills and many ruined mills were visited (some by swimming!). On return to the mainland, the remains of the Roman mill at the Agora in Athens caused much discussion before going to the town of Livadia to view some industrial mills with overshot waterwheels and turbines used in the production of cotton. This report has been produced by various members that took part in the tour and is illustrated with their photographs.

Watermills in the Dodecanese Islands by Ioulia K. Papaeftychiou
This article is based on the on-going research into the watermills of the larger islands of Rhodes, Karpathos and Kos. Almost all these watermills used horizontal waterwheels with their associated aqueducts and mill races, drop towers and gathering ponds which are illustrated by the author’s photographs. The ruinous state of these mills makes the restoration of these mills to production not feasible but suggests that the restoration of specific mills can play apart in the tourist industry of the islands with the creation of mill trails. It is further concluded that there is a future for restoration to provide small scale renewable energy plants.

Flax Mills in Penafiel, North-West Portugal by Teresa Soeiro & Ana Dolores Leal Anileiro
The traditional production of flax and the introduction of flax breakers in Portugal is discussed and the construction and operation of the actual flax machines is analysed.  The motive forces used to drive these flax mils using various designs of animal powered mechanism are described and shown in photographs and drawings, as are those powered by water. Finally the architecture of various styles of mill buildings is also illustrated. As the remains of this traditional industry are fast disappearing the article concludes with a plea for the conservation of those elements that still remain.

The Sugar Mills of Martinique by Vincent Huyghues-Belrose
The remains of sugar industry on Martinique are largely ignored by the population because of their connection with slavery in the past. The development of sugar mills in colonial times, under both French and perhaps surprisingly British influence is expounded and the basic operation of a sugar mill is explained. To raise awareness to the plight of these remains the author suggests that they could play a role in education, possibly in the teaching of technical subjects as well as environmental studies. This article is illustrated with old photographs and prints of the sugar industry in the West Indies.

There are the usual short items of mill interest from around the world plus book reviews.