How to pay your Annual Membership Fee?

In general, all Members can pay the Annual Membership Fee by Paypal or by Credit Card.
Members, in countries represented by National or Regional Representatives, are kindly requested to pay the Membership Fee locally.
The Annual Membership Fee rates for those payments, whatever applicable are:
  • £ 29 - United Kingdom
  • US$ 39 - United States and Canada
  • SEK 335 - Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland
  • SF 40 - Switzerland
  • € 32 - to representatives of France, Germany, Greece/Cyprus, Portugal respectively
  • € 32 - to "TIMS Nederland en Vlaanderen"
Please find at the end of this page a list of the National/Regional Representatives and "TIMS Nederland en Vlaanderen" with addresses and payment details.
Members in countries within the EEC-zone (Europe), not mentioned above (such as Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxemburg, Ireland) are kindly requested to pay directly in EURO to the TIMS account at the TRIODOS Bank in Belgium (see table below for details). 
It is also possible to pay by Paypal or by Credit Card. However, we would like to point out that paying by Paypal or Credit Card can only be done in DOLLARS and might be more costly.
TIMS Bank Account  
Bank: TRIODOS        (in Belgium)
Account holder: TIMS
IBAN: BE27 5230 8029 6473
Address of TIMS (if required):
      Aegidiusstraat 218
      3061 XT Rotterdam
      The Netherlands
General remark: please do not pay to the TRIODOS Bank in another currency than EURO. The (exchange and transfer) costs are then enormous and have to be charged to the member.

Members in countries outside the ECC-zone, not mentioned above (such as Australia,  Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey etc.) are kindly requested to pay either by Paypal or by Credit Card. Please do not pay to the TRIODOS Bank.

If you have any questions please contact the nearest TIMS National Representative or contact the President of our Society.

List of the National/Regional Representatives and "TIMS Nederland en Vlaanderen" with addresses and payment details:

Country Representative Address Bank Account / Payment Details
United Kingdom Tom Derbyshire 15 Kinderscout
Leverstock Green
Hemel Hempstead
Herts  HP3 8HW
Phone: +44 1442 252623
Payable by cheque to TIMS, and
sent to Tom Derbyshire
United States
& Canada
Charles Yeske 4 Dell Drive
Doylestown, PA 18901-2619
Phone: +1 215 348 9154
Mobile: +1 267 337 0955
Payable by cheque, or money order to
Charles Yeske
Sweden, Denmark,
Norway & Finland
Dag Midböe Koppsängs gård
S-67193 Arvika
Phone: +46 70 640 2829
IBAN: SE96 8000 0843 1905 3119 6277
Switzerland Heinz Schuler
Route de Sous-Tour 30
CH-1562 Corcelles-près-Payerne
Phone: +41 26 6601000
BCV Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
IBAN: CH67 0076 7000 A544 3283 9
France André Larigauderie
87240 Saint Sylvestre
Phone: +33 6 8617 5508
Banque Populaire Aquitaine Centre Atlantique
IBAN: FR76 1090 7002 1906 1197 2328 050
Germany Gerald Bost
Bulgenbachweg 24
D-13465 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 4061519
Mobile: +49 172 9294644
TIMS c/o Gerald Bost
Postbank Nürnberg
IBAN: DE77 7601 0085 0473 2298 58
Greece/Cyprus Katerina Toutouza
26, Riga Fereou str.
154 51 Neo Psyhiko Athens
Phone: +30 694 425 6575
The Netherlands
& Belgium
TIMS Nederland en Vlaanderen
Eddy De Saedeleer
Vossedreef 5
B-9340 Lede
Phone: +32 476 605 915
ING Bank
IBAN: NL96 INGB 0006 1049 27