The following Papers and Presentations were given:

Jesper Herbert Nielsen: Preservation of mills - is it possible at all?- even in a museum?

Heinz Schuler: Better than the original (mill preservation in Switzerland)

Nazar Lavrinenko: Unique windmills of the Kaniv region, Ukraine

Stylianos Mouzakis: Time-space subjects and configurates, the capability of mill restoration in Greece

Gábor Dániel Ozsváth: The preservation of Hungarian windmills

Katsunobu Kosaka: The repair and preservation of wooden watermills in Japan

Christel Pagel: Practical problems connected with restoring of mills and how they are best overcome

Theresa Bergmann: How I experienced the restoration (Retz windmill, Austria)

Tony Bonson: The peculiar millstones of Mow Cop

Michel Lajoie-Mazenc: When mills were driven by a hydraulic tourniquet

Ton Meesters: Postmill typology of Ukraine

Paul Groen: Restorating the brakewheel of windmill ”Kyck over den Dyck”, Dordrecht (Netherlands)

Stefanos Nomikos & Olga Lekou: Projects for the restoration of two ruined windmills (Greece)

Ondrej Merta: Water Mill in Slup, a virtue of necessity, or a unique museum of milling?(Czech Republic)

Florin Streza: The Collection of fulling-mills and whirlpools from the ”Astra Museum” (Romania)

Ansgar Rahmacher: Mill GPS databases

Holly Parton and Stephen McPhillips: The Disappearing Art of the Vertical Watermill in the Middle East: a Rare Survival in the Upper Orontes Valley, Syria

Konstantinos Toumpakaris: The typical watermill of Naxos Island

Christian Fischer: Two Early Danish Watermills

Lise Andersen: Danish millwrighting under foreign influences. 16th – 18th century

Ernst Linow: The development of village mills in Sønderjylland / Slesvig from 1864

Povl Otto Nissen: The story of the reduction in the number of mill sails

Ana Claudi Silveira: The Project “Tidemills of Western Europe”

David Plunkett: Latest Tidemills Reseach

Andre Koopal: Wikipedia/Wikimedia - a way to share knowledge about mills

David Hayes: The wind powered Cane mill of St. Croix West Indies 1750-1830

John Boucher: The Windmills of Alexandria – an update

Lindsay Baker: Wind Engines in the United States and Canada

Robbert and Sytske Verkerk: Les moulin turquois

Mihkel Koppel: The minimum postmill

Tony Bonson: The struggle for water supply to the mills

Ana Cláudia Silveira: Recent developments in water law: a threat for mills?

Constance Berman: The preservation of records for late twelfth and early thirteenth century windmills in France

David H. Jones: Mills of Mediaeval Paris and the St. Denys Manuscript

Herman Peel: From oak wooden wind shafts to cast iron Poll-ends in Flanders

Ton Meesters: The Spread of Self-Regulating Sails in the Low Countries

Yasuyuki Nemoto, Michiko Maruyama and Izumi Ushiyama: Development of a micro hydro turbine based on traditional water wheels in Ashikaga region

Eric Stoop: The use of iron in windmills A comparison between English and Dutch mills

Kenjiro Kawakami: The Japanese small-mills

Euphrosyne Rizopolou-Egoumenidou: The corn-grinding mills of Karpasia, Cyprus

Jean-Yves Dufor: Excavation of the windmill and the millers’ house at Roissy-en-France (Val-d’Oise, France)

Yasuyuki Nemoto, Hironori Yoshida and Izumi Ushiyama: Performance investigation of Japanese traditional paddle wheels