The 16th TIMS Symposium will take place in Portugal in 2024

Provisional Dates:

17 - 20 September 2024      -  Pre-Symposium Tour

21 - 27 September 2024      -  Symposium

28 September - 3 October   -  Post-sympsoium Tour






is available for download. Just click HERE


TIMS Calendar 2023





A new TIMS Calendar for 2023 made by Olga. She used the beautiful sketches by Johan De Punt of mills seen during the Midterm Tour in Bulgaria.

The PDF can be downloaded here








 E News34









TIMS E-News Issue 34 (Spring 2023) is now available for download.

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The 16th TIMS Symposium will take place in Chorzów, Poland from 16th to the 25th of June 2023.PL2023 Logo

In addition, there will be a post-tour organized from Toruń. During the Post-Tour participants will visit the medieval towns of Toruń and Gdańsk and numerous mills in the area.

The Post-Tour will start on the 25th and will end on the 30th of June. Full details will be posted later on.


The venue of the Symposium

PL2023 Venue


Symposium will take place at the Museum “Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów”.

Chorzów is a city next to Katowice and has a very good connection with Katowice Pyrzowice Airport.


Call for papers
We call on all TIMS members to present their molinological research as a formal paper and/or as an informal short contribution. Papers on all molinological topics are welcome.


Our theme will be: “The Future of mills”.

Papers are expected to be about mills' protection, renovation, giving them new functions, law adjustments, promotion of mills, the functionality of mills in the modern world, and the way of saving them for future generations.









The Transactions of the 13th TIMS Symposium in Denmark are now available for sale. The volume has 388 pages and is in colour.

The book can be ordered by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Price: 35 Euro + postage (5€ inside EU, 9€ outside EU).










Gerald Bost made a video of the Midterm Tour in Bulgaria. Just click here



"Greek Mills, From the Middle Byzantine Period to the 20th Century” is the latest publication in the series "Bibliotheca Molinologica".

BM Logo with borderIt is as the title mentions, dealing with topics on any type of mill that has been recorded in the bibliography or still surviving in Greece the last 700 years but mainly in the last two centuries up to the early industrial period. It is in two volumes with a total of 700 pages with 92 articles written by 49 authors.

It took 6 years to materialize from the conception of the idea to its final publication involving people from all over Greece even in the remotest places.

There are more than 1200 pictures, plans and maps in colour to support and aid the reader to better understand the topics including a small map at the top of each article pinpointing the area where the subject is located to help the people who are unfamiliar with the geography of Greece.

The book is divided in the following parts:

Volume 1 - The social and cultural aspect of mills, Millstones, Man driven mills, Animal driven mills, Wind driven mills (tower mills), Wind driven mills (other mechanisms), Case studies,

Volume 2 - Water driven mills from medieval times up to the 18th century, Water driven mills from more recent times, Other water driven mechanisms, Early industrial mills.

The publication can be ordered by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Price for the 2 volumes: 55 Euro + postage.


The next TIMS Online Presentation will be on the 12th of November, 19:00 hours (Amsterdam, Paris & Berlin time).

Topic :  “Ingenious adaptations found in English mills”

Members will get an invitation by email.

If you are not a member and would like to attend, then please send a request by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.