Book LebenMitDerDonauLeben mit der Donau. Schiffmühlen von Wien bis Bratislava(To Live with the Danube. Boat mills from Vienna to Bratislava), by Sabine Bergauer and Gabriele Hrauda

Size 23 x 25 cm, 152 pages

Published in 2011 by Böhlau Verlag, Vienna/Cologne/Weimar, ISBN 978-3-205-78555-2

Price appr. 40 Euros

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The first part of this book deals with the history of the boat mills along this stretch of the river Danube and the consequences of the regulation of the river during the second half of the 19th century. The second, and largest, part deals with essentially a dream coming through: the reconstruction of a boat mill at Orth an der Donau. The reader gets to know in detail the whole process, from the first ideas to the realisation of the project and the inauguration of the boat mill on 1 May 2001. The book continues to report on the dramatic sinking of the mill in February 2008. It was salvaged, however, and repaired and reopened in 2011. During the summer months it once again grinds corn and makes an interesting visit. In German, richly illustrated and in full colour.

Input: Leo van der Drift