De Zwaan. The True Story of America’s Authentic Dutch Windmill - by Alisa Crawford.

Size 168 pages.

ISBN 978-0-9801750-3-5

Published by In-Depth Editions in 2015

Price: 27€


Fifty years after De Zwaan was moved from Vinkel in The Netherlands to Holland, Michigan, US, TIMS member and certified lady miller Alisa Crawford dived into its history and wrote this excellent book. She describes how this project started and developed, and the determination and passion of those involved up to the present time. She also reveals unknown facts of the mill’s past in The Netherlands, and last but not least shares with the reader her personal dedication and love for the mill and its history. In English, paperback, richly illustrated in b&w and some colour pictures.

Available from (America, price US$ 27.95) and (The Netherlands, price 27 Euro). A portion of proceeds supports De Zwaan.

Input: Leo van der Drift