Book StuttgartStuttgarter Wasserkräfte und die Industrialisering im Mittleren Neckarraum - Mühlen - Fabriken - Elektrizitätswerke, by Achim Bonenschäfer.

Size 120 pages. Hardcover with 122 historical as well as contemporary illustrations.

ISBN 978-3-89735-967-3

Published in 2016 by Verlag Regionalkultur, Ubstadt-Weiher

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When, in the beginning of the 19th century, the first incentives for industrialisation in Württemberg occurred, the river Neckar and its tributaries had already been providing the energy to run the mills serving the craftsmen in the city of Stuttgart and its surrounding towns and villages for many centuries. From then on the water power was used as a commodity and independent energy source to drive more modern facilities. “Stuttgarter Wasserkräfte und die Industrialisering im Mittleren Neckarraum” shows, district by district and mill by mill, how this structural change took place, and how the industrial landscape gradually changed in this decisive phase.
Additionally, related topics such as railway construction, timber rafting and shipping are dealt with in separate chapters. Some of these additional texts go beyond the Stuttgart region and the use of waterpower.
As such they complete the overall picture with aspects of a more broadly addressed history of the industrialisation.