Die Kulturgeschichte des Mühlsteins - by Harald Marschner Book Die Kulturgeschichte des Muehlsteins
Issued on the occasion of 150 years of the company for French, German 
and artificial Millstones Fries, Burgholzer & Co.

Perg, 2022

ISBN 978-3-200-08660-9

Herausgeber und Autor: Harald Marschner (www.steinbrecherhaus.at)
Herrenstraße 4
A-4320 Perg

Size: 18 × 25 cm, hard cover, 256 pages with many coloured pictures and illustrations
Language: German

Price: 29,00 Euro, plus postage

As chairman of the millstone museum Steinbrecherhaus, Perg, Harald Marschner wrote this book on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the company Fries, Burgholzer & Co. For the first time this molinological aspect comprehensively illuminates the history of stone milling and grinding, one of the oldest cultural techniques of mankind. The chronological horizon spans from the Stone Age to the present day. The richly illustrated publication allows insights into the most diverse perspectives - from geology to technology to the economic and cultural significance of the millstone. A special focus is dedicated to the Perger millstone crushers.

For a long time, the "millstone cutter" was the most important trade in the town of Perg. In the 1930s its importance declined dramatically, and at that time the quarries were also closed. The last artificial millstone for a farmer was made by Fries, Burgholzer & Co. around 1985.

The book is an important work for molinologists, archaeologists and geologists and mill friends. In the past, millstones, millstone quarries, archaeological finds and the millstone industry were often viewed and documented only from a specific scientific point of view. In this book, the topic is comprehensively presented.
Rating: do not miss reading.

Input: Gerald Bost
Berlin, Oct. 31st 2022