First Information on RO2015 - Our Next Symposium


The next TIMS Symposium in 2015 will be hosted by the Astra Museum in Sibiu, Romania. In this museum one can find 67 mills!!

In May 2012, a meeting was held in Sibiu with the management of the Astra museum on the organisation of the TIMS Symposium in 2015. TIMS was represented by Willem van Bergen and Tarcis van Berge Henegouwen.

One of the outcomes was that Florin Streza was appointed to Chairman of the Symposium. It was also decided that the symposium will be held from the 6th to the 14th of June 2015.


From the left: Symposium Chairman Florin Streza, TIMS President Willem van Bergen and TIMS Secretary Tarcis van Berge Henegouwen

The infrastucture of the museum was looked at in detail. On the grounds of the museum, there are a suitable conference building, 2 excellent restaurants, 2 buildings with rooms with in total 70 beds, as well as a small hotel with 43 beds.  On a distance of about 2 km there is a Hilton hotel. Sibiu has its own airport.

Investigations are ongoing to have a mill tour to the south west of Romania, as well as trips to some fortified churches and perhaps to a medieval town. This in addition to a visit to the beautiful city of Sibiu.

Link to the Astra Museum Museum Brochure in English Information on the city of Sibiu

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